Visual monitors that display company content for projects and more, enhances learning and visual output for better progress at any facility.

Telknology uses quality standard programs and equipment gives any company the opportunity to showcase information visually and through wireless networks for audio communications and conferences. Conference calls via an audio visual system allows users to communicate and display information from multiple locations for faster and easier management.

  • CONFERENCE ROOMS Installing projectors, monitors and speakers in a conference room allows the staff to communicate in a controlled area for productive meetings and conference calls.

  • TRAINING ROOMS Customized audio visual technology for training rooms allows for employees and staff to be trained on the latest policies and procedures that your company can provide. Visual displays and enhanced audio has proven to be more effective in a training environment or any classroom atmosphere. Motivating engaged learning for higher productivity within the company.

  • DIGITAL SIGNAGE This installation displays content via signage within a commercial environment inside or outside of the facility. Custom information can be managed and updated accordingly and provide the necessary content to inform customers or employees on the latest updates. This signage uses led signals that are visually appealing and features images as well as content.