For use in commercial or residential facilities, security system installation has been designed to prevent intrusion by detection devices such as cameras, audio and digital equipment.

Telknology provides a range of services including CCTV, Intrusion and Alarm to safeguard any facility or residential home. Our care and protection of your property is priority while installing these systems. Servicing all major brands including the troubleshoot of any pre-existing system already installed.

  • CCTV Closed circuit television that is monitored for surveillance of commercial or residential areas. Strategically placed cameras can display all primary areas for monitoring and prevention of unwanted activity.

  • INTRUSION Software or application that allows the monitoring of activity via camera installation. Provides a source to view all activity on a configured device for 24 hour access.

  • ACCESS CONTROL Used to deny or allow access to specified security areas for building and homes. Configured for management this system allows full control for employees and guests to have access provided by the controller. Commonly used within homes and companies that have secured areas that include a high employee count in different departments.

  • PERS A Personal Emergency Response System is installed in commercial or residential facilities. This system provides medical response by the touch of a button. Alerting the proper authorities of your emergency and location.

  • FIRE ALARM Able to detect emergencies such as fire, smoke, water and heat, a fire alarm installation will send information via phone line to the closest authorities. A touch panel is installed and programmed with many options for safety and peace of mind.